Deposit & Withdrawal

Customers can deposit in the following ways:

Bank Transfer

Through Bank Counters, Automatic Teller Machines (ATM), Internet Banking or Telephone Banking


Cheque Deposit, Cheque Deposit Machine, Drop In Box


Cash Deposit through Bank Counter, Cash Deposit Machine

Telegraphic Transfer

Sent through the remitting bank, remit money to the payee's bank account. For feedetails, please inquire relevant banks.

Local  Interbank funds Transfer

Interbank funds transfer through Bank Counter or Online banking.
For fee details, please inquire relevant banks.

*  The Company does not accept third party deposits.

Cash Deposit and Notification

Clients may deposit funds into a designated account or deposit funds directly with our office by 4:30PM. Deposits placed after 4:30 PM will be processed the next business day. Clients should write down name and account number on a bank pay-in slip and fax the bank receipt to 852 3618 4682 or contact the Accounts Department at 852 3990 1333.

Note: If you deposit a cheque, the cheque must clear and be ensured as cash before trades are allowed. For deposits, the bank's processing time is not always consistent; when Grand receives payments can be different. Thus, please pay attention to updates to your account balance.

Cash Withdrawal

Customers can register a bank account as their designated account for withdrawal. Customers must present us with a notice of withdrawal in any of the following ways:
a. Download the Withdrawal Form. Complete and fax to 852 3618 4682 or email (
b. Call our Customer Service Hotline at 852 3990 1333 (Hong Kong)
c. Clients may choose to pick up the cheque in person at our office

Client may withdraw available funds from their account maintained with our Company. All requests must be received before 12:00 noon for same day execution. Client may notify Accounts Department at 852 3990 1333.