Open A Trading Account

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In order to provide efficient services, clients can complete "Client Agreement" and fill in all related content to activate Bullion and Online Trading accounts. All information submitted will be kept confidential.

You can open Grand Account via following ways:

  1. Come to our offices in person
  2. E-mail our customer service department ( to obtain the relevant forms
  3. Download relevant account opening forms on our website

After completing the Account Opening Form, come to our office in person with the following documents :

  1. Completed Account Opening Form
  2. Copy of HKID Card / Passport 
  3. Proof of residential address within the past 3 months; e.g. Recent utilities bills, bank statements

Account Opening in Five Easy Steps:

  1. Client must first read through and accept the terms and conditions by signing"Client Agreement" (Remarks 1) and fill in all related content (Remarks 2).  
  2. Witness must be a registered, professional (such as CPA, Solicitor, or Bank Authorized Manager etc) or staff of Grand. 
  3. After completing relevant forms and documents, Clients may pass the agreement and their document to CS department of Grand or mail directly to our office.
  4. We will process your account as soon as we receive your completed documents and an account number will be distributed within three business days. If client has registered for online trading platform access, your user password (Remarks 3) will be distributed separately by mail.
  5. Client must change the password after logging onto the website for the first time. Passwords can consist of capital and/ or lower case letters.


  1. Client must first read "Client Agreement" and "Supplement" including risk disclosure and disclaimer. Grand Investment (Bullion) Limited and its representatives will be available to answer any questions regarding our Client Agreement. 
  2. Client may fill "N/A" in areas where it does not apply. Incomplete Client Agreement may delay processing time.
  3. Client must place password in a secure location and should not disclose it to any third parties. Grand recommends changing password periodically. Clients are responsible for their electronic accounts including lost or theft related to their account passwords and/or related information. Client should inform Grand immediately if such an event should occur. After opening an account, client must inform any changes in the Client Information Form with written notice as soon as possible.